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In Romania, when teens age out of state care, they face many difficulties. Many of them lack basic life skills such as cooking, managing money, and paying bills. They also don’t know how to find a job or how to keep it. Because they are severely unprepared for life outside of the state care system, the success rate for these kids to thrive is incredibly low.As a result, these teens need good role models who are willing to walk closely alongside them and guide them in learning these skills. This is also an opportunity for them to grow closer to God because they will be able to see people who are helping them because of God. When they have these Godly examples around them, these teens will be more open to Bible studies and be more willing to learn about God. Our hope is that through our constant love and support, they will be opened to being involved in local churches and, as a result, meet other people who will have a positive impact on their lives.


At the same time, we don’t want to wait until these kids are out of state care to start learning basic life skills. We want to start this process while they are still young so that the transition out of the system is easier for them when they are older. Our desire is to intentionally spend time with these kids by cooking together, eating together, and talking about God in a trust-based environment. We will support them in their education and encourage them not to quit school. And as these kids grow and start making plans for their future, we will be there to make sure they’re prepared socially and emotionally for that plan. Ultimately, our biggest desire is to bring hope into their lives and help them see that they can have success!

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